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Osteo: from the Greek word ‘osteo’ meaning bone

Our skeleton is the framework of our body

Flow: the action or fact of moving along in a steady continuous stream

Flow describes our fluidity of movement as we continue to move through life


OsteoFlow Health: Helping your body move through life

Are You in Pain?

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OsteoFlow Can Help

OsteoFlow can treat a wide range of medically diagnosed conditions and discomforts, supporting their clients from infancy all the way through to 99 years of age (or older!)

✔︎ Neck & Jaw pain

✔︎ Headaches

✔︎Back pain

✔︎ Spinal disc injuries

✔︎ Sciatica

✔︎ Pregnancy

✔︎ Sporting injuries

✔︎ Tennis & Golfers elbow

✔︎ Runners knee

✔︎ Shoulder & rotator cuff injuries

& much much more!


OsteoFlow Founder

Sarah Nugent

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, I graduated from RMIT University in 2013 with a Masters in Osteopathy and have been helping clients ever since. My osteopathic career has seen me travel from city to country Australia, then onto Toronto, Canada, and now to the Maritimes!

This has enabled me to treat a variety of clients from full-time farmers, to full-time world class athletes, to full time parents and everyone in between!

I am passionate about helping my clients live a pain free healthy life; no matter what their goals or life choices, and I am here to help you!


Monday to Friday: 8:00 am-8:00 pm


OsteoFlow Health Clinic

Suite 200, 51 Highfield Street

Moncton, NB, E1C 5N2, Canada

Office: (506) 857-9898

Fax: (506) 857 - 9893

Cell: (506) 380 - 4625

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