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No you don't need a doctors referral to come in!


Unless you are reaching out as a Veteran's Affairs Client or Car Accident claim, you do not need a referral. If you fall into either of these categories please contact the clinic directly before booking an appointment

Many doctors may recommend osteopathy or massage therapy to their patients, they may also provide you with a diagnosis of your condition, our practitioners can treat you with or without a medical diagnosis. Our Osteopaths and Massage Therapists are not able to provide a medical diagnosis, so if you are after a medical diagnosis it is best to see your family physician to get this. Regardless of having a diagnosis or not your practitioner is still able to provide treatment that may help ease your discomfort.

OsteoFlow Health Clinic is all about collaborating as a team to provide you with the best care possible. If your practitioner does not feel they are best suited to treat your condition they have no issue with referring you to the right practitioner. Within clinic we work together to collaborate on a clients care.


Upon booking your appointment you will be sent a new patient form. It is important to fill this out prior to your appointment as it includes important information about your health history that may be relevant to your appointment. 

Your appointment will then involve a discussion over your current discomfort/complaint, a discussion of your health history before an examination of your area of discomfort which may include some diagnostic tests and a movement screen.


Relevant treatment will then be provided which will vary upon which discipline (massage or osteopathy) that you have booked in, head over to our services page to find out more about each therapy option. You may then be given some at home management to do which may include some exercises or lifestyle advice. If a medical diagnosis is required a referral to your family physician will then be given.


All of our practitioners are registered with their relevant association of New Brunswick. This means that every practitioner is eligible to be covered under your health insurance for their services. Every health insurance company and plan is different so please contact your insurer directly to see what you are covered for. 


Some insurance companies are able to be direct billed on the day of your appointment. These vary with each therapy, so please contact the clinic directly to find out more. If we are unable to direct bill your insurance you will be required to pay for your appointment in full at the time before claiming it back yourself.

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